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Welcome to Hagg Press FTP Log In.

Here you can access your files. We make managing your material easy.

What is FTP?

FTP is used to transfer files from one place to another. Hagg Press enables you to do that directly from our website.

To transfer the files from your computer to that web server, a special protocol (transfer method) is used: FTP – the File Transfer Protocol. This protocol was designed to be able to handle big files; it can for example resume a transfer if it was interrupted in the middle.

Logging In

Enter FTP.HAGGPRESS.COM for the FTP server, your username and password.

The FTP server name must be “FTP.HAGGPRESS.COM”. If you don’t have your username and password yet, CONTACT US.

Uploading a File

On the Browse Screen, click on the Upload button to go to the Upload Screen.

There is one column on the left to upload files, and there can also be a right column to upload-and-unzip archives.

Click on the Browse button to specify which file on your computer you want to upload or upload-and-unzip to the FTP server.

Once you are ready to start the upload, click on the GREEN check button.

The result screen will tell you if the upload was successful or not.
There is a 100mb limit at this time.

Downloading a file or folder

To download a file, simply click on its filename.

To zip-and-download files and directories, select them on the Browse Screen and click on Download.
The directories and their contents will be retrieved and zipped.
A popup window will ask you where you would like to save the Zip file on your computer.

Note that if the files inside are too big, the script will timeout and you won’t be able to download anything.
If this happens, try again with less directories and omit those which contain big files.

You can also zip files and email them in attachment, or save them on the FTP server.
On the Browse Screen, select the directories and files and click on Zip.

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