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Perfect binding w/pur glue

Paperback novels, booklets, telephone directories, and magazines also use perfect binding methods. Compared to other binding methods, perfect binding is quite durable and has a low to medium cost. It can be used with publications that are several inches thick. For the very same reasons, businesses and organizations frequently use the perfect binding method on a variety of printing projects such as corporate reports, manuals, catalogs and thicker product brochures.

Perfect bound printing has various benefits. It is less expensive than hardcover printing methods, it allows for a high page count, and it can be used for short production runs. This is also a popular printing method for on demand ordering. Books can be made with a heavier weight cover for durability and longevity and this method also forms a flat spinal edge which can be printed upon. The finished shape allows books to stack well for storage and display and perfect binding provides a crisp, professional appearance.

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